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. Find out how you can get unlimited Straight Talk wireless service for only $45/mo today. i very happy and enjoy with this trip because i can upload all the pic with unlimited internet. 1. Total plan price includes services, taxes & fees.

Mobile devices like smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. live on instagram and facebook. You will have the option to get a new number or port (transfer) your existing number at a later step in the activation. First of all.

Top Questions Asked About Reliance Jio 4G Sim Card. I recharged it yesterday and now I can't use it (it says "service suspended"). But this operation is not easy. You have to call 111 from deactivated sim if it is temporarily deactivated they will ask you to recharge with 20 or more valued recharge coupon… Please note that your line will be automatically suspended from the moment you reorder a new SIM card and until you receive it at home.

I use an Italian SIM card when in Italy; a Belgian SIM while in Belgium; and AT&T in the USA. If you suspended it - yes they can un-suspend it. balance will be forfeited. Unlimited svcs.

Always power off the phone before inserting/removing the SIM card. The following video will help you learn how to install and use Audi connect®, a key feature of the MMI® Navigation plus system that enables in-car Internet connectivity. If you loose you phone, please call us immediately at +45 7733 7171 to have the SIM card suspended. If you previously suspended your line within the last 12 months as a Seasonal Suspend the option/button to suspend the line on My T-Mobile will not be displayed until the end of the 12 month period.

I got a recorded message saying my account has been suspended but I checked my credit and it does state I have 50,000 dong credit. This wikiHow teaches you how to activate a Verizon SIM card so that you can use it in your iPhone or Android. It can only be achieved after the SIM card has been suspended for two hours. i can find place by google maps nad make my life at hong kong very easy.

But unfortunatly 3D facility is deactivated. Please visit https://www. Sufficient funds must be added within 120 days of suspension or acct. Question: Q: if phone service is disconnected can the iphone still connect to internet through wifi? If I close my phone account with a particular phone service because I no longer need my personal phone, will my Iphone still work like an ipod in that it can still get to the internet through WIFI? Simply pay your account in full and reactivate your line on our world-class network.

If your Simple Mobile service is not active, please go to the "Activate" tab. Once activated, a HKD2 administration fee will be deducted immediately. Does anyone know how to order a replacement? I've searched all over the website and couldn't find anything, also searched here too Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums. Block/Unlock Jio SIM Card at Jio Website.

Called Straight Talk and had it activated. To unsuspend multiple SIM cards see, How to bulk unsuspend SIM cards . Since Ting's new numbers are randomly assigned, if you decide to reactivate a CDMA device, you wouldn't be getting your old number back. I would like to temporarily freeze my SIM card for like three month cause I'll be out of the country , I'm wondering how can I do that and will I still be charged and how can I reactive it when I come back.

Please restart phone after changing SIM card to allow During a seasonal suspension, the account must remain current. I was told to pm someone With information from my account and some personal information. I actually have three phones that I can use with my Sim card. Afterward iMessage switched from +1 to +49 accordingly.

Rather than purchasing a $40 “Passport” package from AT&T before leaving (as we discussed in this series of posts ), I instead bought a SIM card package in Paris from a French phone carrier for €39. Always follow emergency procedures to suspend service if your SIM card or phone (SIM card inserted) is lost or stolen. I have a active plan with T-Mobile although it is suspended temporarily since I have no phone. Getting Started; Upgrading from Global Fogg SIM to LTE SIM.

In Last few months we are getting queries like How to Deactivate Jio Sim Card Service, How to Suspend Jio Sim service after 31st March, How To Stop Jio sim card Services. com: 1 Year Prepaid GSM SIM Card - Monthly 250 Talk 250 Text Or 250MB Data Txt No Contract 12 Months Plan: they had suspended my account. crackberry. Reorder your SIM as quickly as possible to avoid any fraudulent activity with your lost SIM (any usage between the loss of your SIM and the moment you suspend your line is chargeable).

You'll keep the same number and have access to self-service features on My Vodacom. Ask for FREE. If your SIM card is not working properly, check out our relevant post here. Any sensible company would have a system where the SIM card is only active once the customer contacts you to advise that they have received it and want it activating.

Community Experts online right now. But can I buy a new SIM for this? I have no phone & I'm having this iPhone for the first time. To reconnect service with another device or SIM card you need to have the new Device ID and SIM card number available. T-Mobile My Vodafone PAYG SIM card became Invalid after 90 days without making chargeable phone calls.

If you’re switching to a new phone that requires a new SIM card – or if for any reason you wish to replace your current SIM card with a new one – you can swap your SIM card online, in My TELUS. My request is, could you please remove the Consumer complaints and reviews about Idea Cellular - my idea number [protected]( sim card no. They sent new SIM card again. We need to get all of the pictures off of her phone and onto either her computer or another phone, but I can't figure out how to download them since it won't recognize a SIM card, it's not letting me do anything My sim card in my pay as you go mobile phone is blocked? Can i report my phone stolen to Sprint if my account is suspended for not paying the bill ? I lost my phone with sim card so I need both.

Though my sim was working fine on the same device before the reset, but it is not wo • International SIM Unlock (ISU) – You may want to request International SIM Unlock if you plan to move out of the US for some time and want to use the domestic SIM of the country you want to go to. How to Activate a Vodafone SIM Card. I went to a service repair store today and they troubleshot it and it didn't work so they replaced it with a new sim. Note that a SIM card declared as lost or stolen is deactivated to prevent any illegitimate usage but its number is transferred immediately to a replacement SIM.

totalwireless. Will I be able to use any of the phones on another carrier or prepaid while I'm catching up? Both of the phones I just put the old sim in yesterday and it said the sim was locked and it wouldn't accept it. I called customer service and they offered to do a process for me to take my SIM card out and they send a signal to my phone to correct the issue. How long will this take? Thanks.

All you need in order to activate online is a new Ultra Mobile SIM previously purchased online, and a form of payment. How to check my SIM status. USE A SERVICE PLAN CARD. Use only the SIM tray that came with your device.

com and click on the Smart reserves the right to withdraw the Phone Number and SIM Card and to close the account of any Subscriber who fails to pay or recharge their account for 90 consecutive days since the Services were suspended, and Smart may transfer the Phone Number and SIM Card to any new subscriber. J1 SIM cards can be topped up with any one of our plans. Now my internet is not working. com for the most recent information.

Card benefit expires after 180 days of last use or 30 days after your service is suspended, whichever occurs first. When you have your new phone and SIM card, it’s time to reactivate your suspended plan on your new SIM card. Because, If SIM card is suspended then you need documents to reactivate the SIM card. I am sure I have enough credit; I registered using my passport so that shouldn't be a problem.

Possible, SIM card faulty. But these apps are registered to my cell phone number, and while they use WiFi and not my cellular service, if it's my number that identifies my account, and that number is suspended, how can it work? Is it SIM card based and as long as the SIM is active, it's ok? I want to believe the guy, but have my doubts. I have the password to my ATT account. Will a Verizon Phone Work If I Put a T-Mobile SIM Card in It? A Verizon phone can work when using a SIM from a T-Mobile account.

Manage my account; My balances; My bill; My services; Check Sim Card suspended almost immediately? So, I went to purchase a $2 Sim Card, which is a big deal for me because it took so many hours to buy it online, I had to use my Mum's boyfriends expired license and Use your My Verizon login to review and pay your bill, sign-in to pay your bill automatically, and see the latest upgrade offers and deals. I’m not able to make any out going call and since today(21/11/2018). Calls are billed in one-minute increments. Every time i leave my home wifi when i check my phone again i find that the SIM has been suspended and i am not using any 3g signal.

You have 72 hours after your active plan expires to complete the top up before your J1 SIM is deactivated. Losing our smartphone not only worries us about How to deactivate, suspend or resume jio sim card online. For this reason, the information in this article does not apply to SIM cards that have been declared lost or stolen. Carrier Reset Settings: ##72786# and ##873283# What does GSM Unlocked mean? SIM Card? Start Here my bsnl sim is suspended.

The eSIM is electronic and usually activated over Wi-Fi ®. If you have a Dual SIM phone, you can have up to 2 SIMs with unique phone numbers. Has anyone had experience in this I hope this helps. But if they removed that sim from the network, Even if you find the phone, they can send you a new SIM Card, but no they cannot re-add the deleted SIM Card.

Reliance Jio Now Allows You to Suspend/Resume the Services of 4G SIM Card Online. ***x to MTN 1:02 PM (1 hour ago) to cim_legal Please not that my situation has not changed and I have gotten ZERO feedback from MTN. Over the phone a representative mentioned the system suspended it for security measures against lost/ stolen service. Once you get a new phone and SIM card, contact T-Mobile Customer Service to restore your service.

If the balance amount is insufficient or the validity of the Prepaid SIM Card is not extended by refill during the above mentioned 30 day period, this Prepaid SIM Card will be suspended without prior notice. 5days) and I did my research which left me seeking out to buy a sim card from Orange. I live in Boston and have been impressed with their speeds. Rates are subject to change without prior notice.

Suspended, this means the SIM has been deactivated however it is still billed for the Service Charge. They could not give me details as to what this does or why it works. But When I tried in morning it says that your card has been suspended plz solve it. In this article, we’ll review and compare the best SIM cards for using your smartphone in the US.

A SIM card that is PIN protected can be removed from your cell phone but cannot be used unless the code is entered when it is inserted in another phone. SIM slot is not faulty. Enter phone or SIM card number. .

Regards. Do note that a Jio username and password is required to access the My Account section. due on monthly pymt. If you have a message like "Cannot detect SIM card" and this SIM card work well with another phone, then you have a hardware problem.

So I'm travelling overseas (in france at the moment), and bought a european sim card, and then proceded to lose my t-mobile sim card. So my problem is if I move sim card 2-3 times (within 24 hrs perhaps) I end up with my line suspended. Click Reconnect Service To This Line. Bringing your own phone to Total Wireless? Watch for easy step-by-step instructions to help you insert your new SIM card.

Vodafone has suspended my number without any perior knowledge What Happens When a T-Mobile Account Is Suspended Due to Nonpayment? There are two types of suspension, partial or full, that a T-Mobile account can go through for non-payment. One message came that your sim will be suspended on 20-7-2013 please recharge. While you can reactive a CDMA device with a new number after deactivating, you cannot reactivate a GSM SIM card again; you need to purchase a new SIM card. Both categories offer refinement selections according to network carrier.

What is the problem? I actually took advantage of the same deal! I use them in the SIM card slot along with my Verizon ESIM! Lol. So, if you have never created a Jio ID, this will not work for you. To top up, locate a participating wireless top up terminal, enter your J1 SIM phone number and the plan you want to purchase. The law requires all subscribers of prepaid SIM cards to be officially authenticated.

Open the Reliance Jio website at www. It’s best to use the SIM card that came with your new device. How can I un-suspend it? I also have another SIM card. I recently had a problem with my Android, Asus Zen dual sim card.

Activating your Vodafone SIM is easy; you can do it either through Vodafone's website online, over the phone, or in person at a Vodafone store. on the service end date or when the service is suspended. Suspended sim cards I am overseas and took 2 sim cards out of my phones to avoid charges, then my sim cards were stolen, so I called and they suspended them for me. Choose from Vodafone, Idea or Airtel postpaid plans for your new connection.

A SOUTH Lanarkshire Council staff member has been suspended following a SIM card scam investigation. Search. How to activate Jio Sim Card Step by Step Method, 100% Working Process, 15 Mins Activation Method Added : So did you got the reliance sim from Jio stores or and don’t know how to activate Jio Sim, or did you got the jio sim using our barcode method for free and still it hasn’t activated yet. My T-Mobile Online | Access Messages, Minutes & Bills | T-Mobile You can check the status of your account at any time by opening the My Vodafone app, or by logging in to My Vodafone.

hope you don’ Yes, the international roaming feature is enabled on your China Unicom SIM card ; however, international roaming tariff is rather expensive. [protected]) is blocked or permanently suspended by the company. Do you have any guess on what happened, and tips on what should I do? Traveling or living in China? Keep connected with China Unicom 4G and text, talk and surf with China’s most international network. OR.

After that, your number will be suspended from the service. (Detailed instructions come with your China SIM card. The physical SIM goes into the phone. Upon request, your China Mobile prepaid account will be topped-up whenever the call credit drops down to $3.

Why is my Telstra email suspended? What do I do if I’ve lost my mobile device or SIM card? Call us as soon as possible on 13 22 00 or +61 439 125 109 (free call After 270 days of inactivity on the account, unused credit will be removed and your SIM card will be barred. If i go into settings > Sim cards > toggle SIM slot 1 off and then on again this kicks the service back into life, but i'd rather have a phone where it just seamlessly How to Suspend/Resume Reliance Jio Sim Card. dear sir/madam, i have lost my sim on 3rd of dec 2015 and cant access the account to report it lost i bought a new giffgaff number and want my If my iPhone was stolen and the thieves do an iTunes factory restore and try to take it to at&t the next day to try and buy a new sim card and have info from their old phone transfered onto the new sim card, Can at&t realize that the iPhone is not theirs (stolen) by looking at the iPhone’s serial number or emei. If you found your Phone/SIM card, you can also reactivate If your SIM card is blocked, this is a different issue to it not working properly.

please resolve my problem. If the issue is with your Computer or a Laptop you should try using Reimage Plus which can scan the repositories and replace corrupt and missing files. Until you get a new device, you can use another device you may already have with a new T-Mobile SIM card. Gave them a call and I was told my sim has been suspended since I haven't recharged airtime for months (though I bought that 3gb valid for 1 year).

Pay Now. Please refer to Telco provider. Have a boost mobile phone and a sim card how do I active it. So my iphone 6s broke and i got a sim adapter but when i put it in a galaxy s5 it said that sim is locked??? Why does my phone say that its sim card is locked My dad got mad at me and suspended my SIM card.

note- if you want the number back act FAST. Suspending you SIM card via e-mail is not possible. are on-network only. I spoke with a rep who gave me the option of suspending the lines without billing while I catch up on my payments.

Existing phone with new SIM Card. I want to be able to put some music and movies on it but it won't allow me to set it up without a sim card. Finally, after 360 days of inactivity, your SIM card will be permanently suspended and your phone number will be deleted. Possible, existing phone's SIM slot may be faulty.

Note: 1. First, here's what you need to do: Pay the full amount owed to us; You may need to pay a deposit before reactivation First, let’s take a look at how to activate Ultra Mobile SIM card online (purple). The Jio SIM card can be easily blocked (suspended) using the Jio My Account portal. i can make my ig story.

Pymt. Text of Complaint by Siddharth: Since last fews days. You can keep the SIM card to use again if your next visit is within 3 months period. Thank you Audi connect® installation and configuration.

This means that the airtime I buy (usually R70 or more at a time) lasts a long time, as I use my phone mainly to send or receive text messages and had done so fairly frequently in the period before the SIM card was deactivated. Unsuspending a SIM card makes it able to authenticate on the network again, and use available SIM services. Unprovisioned, this means that the SIM has been deactivated and is no longer charged. When leaving the US, let us know so that we will suspend the SIM card to stop mobile charges.

You can open the phone and bend the SIM card try for better contact or lift carefully the SIM card readers pins. Verizon’s overall coverage and network seems superior nonetheless, but Sprint has definitely stepped it up. The first one "LTE SIM Kit - 3-in-1 - Voice/Data Bundle & 12 Month Plan" still shows "Alert: Account suspended due to billing issue. Remember to choose a SIM card reader/writer if you want both capabilities.

After you have suspended your account, you'll then you need to buy a blank SIM (that's one without a mobile number already on it) for $5 from one of our Stores Community Experts online right now. They only suspended the Buy postpaid SIM card online at 10digi & get free SIM home delivery in 60mins. Plans, SIM Kits and Phones sold separately. Then, you need to try some solution to fix this issue.

verizon) submitted 29 days ago by bishaarcc Hello friends, I recently got work phone from Verizon. A new SIM and number will be needed. The full SIM is the size of a credit card, but the part that contains the important data can be popped out of the larger card and used in a phone. AT&T can suspend service on a SIM CARD/PH number.

You'll then be given the choice to reconnect service with the same SIM card that was used in the phone you suspended, or you can reconnect service with a different device or SIM card. Click here to update your credit card or change payment method. Otherwise, you may keep the SIM card and be charged $15 per year, or notify us that you have destroyed the SIM card and pay $15 only when we ship you a new SIM card. Contact T-Mobile Customer Service to suspend your line.

Answer 1 of 9: I bought a Viettel sim card for my phone the day before yesterday which has 50,000 dong credit. Test data: A SIM card in a provisioned state may use 5 KB of data and 2 SMS for test purposes at no charge. date or acct. I was not able to recharge as i was at hospital.

I placed an order for a Global SIM card, and right around the time I was notified that it has shipped, the FreedomPop app now tells me that my account is suspended. I’m trying to activate my new SIM card and find out what my phone number is. If a SIM card is intercepted by a third party then they can use it to run up a large bill which you - Plusnet - would try to get the customer to pay. A replacement with T-Mobile is too expensive and I know I can get a new T-Mobile sim card and T-mobile phone on Ebay.

It is a third line on a friends account. They stated it "always" works and I have to be on the phone with them on another phone while this process is completed. It says Your mobile is suspended. Please also note, using this SIM card to surf Internet or make calls outside Malaysia will significantly reduce the data and voice usage capacity, or even cause the SIM card to be suspended.

It happened twice when the mobile turned off because of no battery, when restarted, it could not find the network (for one sim only) but it could detect the sim. ? So here is the step by step process I am giving No international roaming allowed. Ask Your Question Fast! Once you click on any of the options your SIM will be immediately suspended; If you found the SIM card or want to resume the services, you can follow the same steps of logging into your account and you will find the “Resume” option, click on it and your Jio SIM will be activated for your mobile number instantly. While it may be easy, cheaper and safe, I was not comfortable swapping out my SIM card in a different country.

The first step of activating an old Verizon phone that uses a SIM card on your existing number is to use a SIM card that's been activated for the number or obtain a new SIM card from Verizon. I have an iPhone 6+ WITH a SIM card that is full of all sorts of important things. Due to the nature of my job, I do not use my cell phone except when I am on the move. Is it still possible to get an older 2G sim card? I've a GPS tracker coming for my car and it requires an older 2G and not 3G sim card.

Data Terms: For $35 plan, after 3GBs, speeds reduced to 2G. This wikiHow teaches you how to activate the SIM card on the Vodafone service. Only for personal use. This process will cancel your old SIM card.

Losing our beloved mobile phone can be a very exasperating experience. I lost my job and am currently 3 payments behind on my Verizon payments. S. Remove or switch the SIM card in your iPhone or iPad Learn how to remove or transfer the SIM card in your iPhone or iPad (Wi-Fi + Cellular models).

However, it still says my account is suspended. New SIM Activation Pre-Requisites of SIM Sale: Purchaser/Customer shall provide valid CNIC number or present Original Passport with valid visa/Pakistan Origin Card (POC) or NADRA ID or Proof of Residence (POR) card, whichever is applicable. The last time I use the SIM was January 2015, 8 months ago. Manage your data; Data calculator; My Vodacom App; My account.

Additionally, a SIM card allows you to keep data safe with an added layer of security offered by the PIN lock feature. The Resume Service option is only available for lines currently suspended. But they also do a permanent disconnect on old SIM card numbers. What happens if I lose my SIM card? You will need to immediately suspend your account by calling us on 0800 022 022 so we can prevent anyone else from incurring charges on your account.

I called up the Helpline today (14/06, 10:05pm) and was advised by a lady to "switch off my phone, remove SIM card and retry OR try on another phone. to make every thing successfully. Your administrator can also suspend the SIM card in Self-service. What impressed us is the fact that the SIM card will be suspended immediately.

I really need to get that number back, and I was thinking to transfer that number to my Vodafone pay monthly account. Usually the Israeli SIM card will search for the mobile network and log on automatically. pdf (200 KB) My Account Please enter the phone number, SIM number or email address you registered with Simple Mobile. Hot Topic: Jio Sim VoLTE Supported Mobile Phones List.

extra. myjio. Make your choice and click "Reconnect Service to This Line. What’s more, Prepaid SIM Cards provide a variety of value added services including Hong Kong Connecting Tone, Call Forwarding Service, Conference Call Service and Mobile Data Service etc.

However: You must send by mail, or by email, the personal information form within 15 days after your first use (call, text or data session) or your line will be suspended. Hello sir my card 9968173772 has been suspended suddenly. Unverified SIM cards will be suspended. The model of phone and the carrier that one is switching to will determine whether moving SIM cards will work properly.

If your SIM card is blocked, often you have entered the wrong PIN code too many times. To reconnect service online for a different device or SIM Card than you had before: Go to the Suspend or Reconnect Service page in My Verizon. now my card is suspended. My verizon 4g lte phone uses a sim card but the line is suspended or bad ESN can I put in another sim card? If I put in another sim card will the phone be able to work? The phone number attached to it is locked but idk if the esn is even good.

Most GSM and CDMA smartphones are compatible. my A/C no put my sim card into lost/stolen phone then service suspended (self. ) Activate With SIM Card. Follow these instructions to insert a SIM card.

I’m switching from consumer cellular to t-mobile. SIM and PUK; Data management menu item. I have a spare data phone (it is not as nice as my everyday phone) used for traveling, and then I have my everyday phone. Skip to activating preloaded SIM.

Airvoice Wireless does not require a pin number to port out, however if you wish to use one, you can provide the last 4 digits of your phone number in the pin number field. this sim card very helpfull and best. Do yo SIM Card locked. Called Straight Talk to activate second SIM card and same thing.

cause the deactivated numbers get cycled to newer customers. In either case, the phone cannot be used, and a fee for reinstatement is added to the invoice when the full payment is made. If it's still not working, must be SIM card faulty". You’ll still be able to re-activate the SIM by calling ASDA Mobile Customer Services.

Skimming through Tripadvisor and other google results, I got the impression that one had to visit a ‘relay store’ or an Orange shop to purchase one. I am not convinced (why would it miraculously work when i was able to receive calls yesterday but not today) but still did what was told. Oh and he was telling me how putting my sim card in tablet was impossible and that was triggering the suspension. So i picked the top questions which were repeatedly asking by my visitors one by one.

I have an iPhone 4 with no sim card (it is arriving in a few days) the 4 is completely wiped. I have a butchery, and called the 140 service sentre sunday and monday, trying to get a hold of the legal department to find out what was wrong, but could not get a hold of any one who can help me. No contract, no credit check and 100% money-back guaranteed. Also be clear on whether the SIM card is new, refurbished, or new.

Remember to power off your phone before inserting a SIM To stay connected with my American iPhone this time around, I decided to try out a new strategy and buy a SIM card in Europe. Called Straight Talk and could not get it to work after 2 plus hours on home phone with them. The SIM card number is located under the battery, directly on the SIM card. Fix: SIM Not Provisioned MM2.

before you leave for China. Re: Iphone account suspended question The sim card is the one that came with it (the 3gs) we didn't ugrade they just called them to suspend my phone, they were going to just turn off the internet but decided to turn the whole thing off, it's the same phone we just want it turned back on and i just want to know if we really have to go to AT&T to My carrier is Verizon. I've tried to send text messages today but they've failed so I tried to make a call to see if that was OK. I believe post paid accounts follow a similar path, and once fully suspended, the SIM and account will cancelled, and be no longer be usable.

After 3 months, of non use a prepaid SIM expires, and the phone number is returned to the pool for reuse. If you’ve missed a payment and we’ve suspended any of your phone services, you’ll need to pay your outstanding balance using a debit or credit card registered in the UK. If you do not have network, please turn off the phone and take out the Israeli SIM card, insert the SIM card back and turn on the phone. Since the SIM card does contain electronic circuits, they are vulnerable to static electricity, which can irreparably harm the card.

Must Read: How To Activate & Use Jio Sim In All Windows Phone / Lumia Mobile. Micro SIM: When the iPhone 4 debuted in 2010, it was the first smartphone from any company that used the Micro SIM format. 5days & 8. The probe began in February after police involved in a drugs investigation contacted bosses Where is my SIM card - it’s the second I have paid for but not been delivered I have ordered and paid for 2 SIM cards but neither have been delivered even though the courier company advises they have.

You can suspend individual lines of an account, while other lines remain active. Your new plan will be active within 10 minutes. But if you fail to update your information within the specified period following the SMS, your SIM card could be cancelled. I lost my phone n I suspented my sim card to but I worry regarding my privacy so I want to close my account in my pH my sim is already suspended but for my concern I request u log out my account from dere what I do I don't generate otp n my email id still open in my pH I forget my email password because very long time I m NT opn on other My GSM iPhone isn't working (SIM Card) If you’ve had a failed charge on your account, your account will be suspended until the failed charge goes through.

My sim card is still suspended/ blocked. The good news is it’s now really easy to take a UK smartphone and to use it in the US. However, now my account shows two sim card. I'm in Bangladesh now, and a week ago I bought a Grameenphone SIM card (voice + data).

It had no SIM card in it. I was able to keep using my American number with a German SIM card until I suspended my Sprint service. Sign-in to My Verizon Fios today! Once activated, your SIM card does not expire. Rain (Afrihost) SIM Card is working 100% when making use of RAIN unlimited promotion period SIM card noticed when doing a network search was unable to pick up RAIN network but gonna try again.

All i need is a phone. Could you explain to me why you need my DOB and address information. ∞ Credit card required for Recently my sim card was deactivated and I was wondering if there is any chance it could be recovered. The easiest way to add credit to your SIM card is by setting up automatic billing, and this is done from the U.

Amazon. If I buy a new phone is it as simple as taking out the SIM card in the Pixel and putting it in whatever the new phone may be, and all my texts and calls and whatnot will go to the new phone containing the SIM card? Or would I have to go to my service provider to have them set up the transition for me. I ask my dad & he tells me I can't buy a SIM card because once I go to the Apple Store & I'll ask to buy a new SIM on the iPhone, they'll think I stole it & report me. how do I do this? My simcard was suspended saturday by Shinaz (according to Thabile at the legal department) while my account is in good order.

Log into your account to change your SIM card (My plans > Manage > Change SIM card). love this simcard and will buy for the next trip with klook apps. I request you to guide my in this subject. ; Select the mobile number you want to reconnect service for and tap or click Resume Service.

Please send to nearest service center . will expire & acct. Insert SIM Card. I figured it must be a billing issue, so I provided a new credit card number.

Card benefits expire after 180 days of last use or 30 days after your service is suspended, whichever occurs first. " The 2nd one is the newly activated one with a phone number. 073 ***X ***- cell number not in use as sim is still blocked. " If you are reconnecting the phone you previously suspended, then you're done! You are now reactivated.

It is important to suspend the card as quickly as possible, as you are liable for any use up to the time of suspension. I had a problem with my SIM card and I called boost mobile customer service and t I need to unlock my sim card to use it in another boost mobile phone i just purch I have a boost mobile sim card and a $** boost plan. My sim card was working well in the 1/06/2019 evening. We do not recommend you to use it as it will impact the balance of the service package on your SIM card, and even suspend your SIM card due to lower balance.

My dad got mad at me and suspended my SIM card. I don't physically swap out the SIM cards. There was still credit in it. Once you have suspended your sim card, the website would give you the option to resume.

And, If the service provider is telling you, there isn’t any issue from their Side. go to your nearest JIO Retailer Shop and ASK for reactivation by verification and paying for the minimal pack . Suspended sim ‎22-08-2016 05:00 PM I lost/had my phone stolen a couple of days ago, so I called up EE and they said as I am not the account holder (my dad is) all they can do at the moment is suspend the sim. Technician's Assistant: When were you last able to use your phone? About an hour ago I removed the old SIM card and put in the new one.

A subsequent HKD2 fee will be deducted every 30 days automatically. Int'l. Airtime minutes will be deducted plus the cost of the International call. I go to the shop (TIM in Italy/Orange in Belgium) and let them do the swapping.

It is highly recommended to insert the Israeli SIM card only after landing in Israel, and while the phone is turned off. The new sim wasn't accepted either, and it continued to say the sim card was locked and said they couldn't do anything. SpeedTalk offers the most the competitive prepaid plans for cell phones. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for 1 Year Prepaid GSM SIM Card - Monthly 250 Talk 250 Text Or 250MB Data Txt No Contract 12 Months Plan at Amazon.

For details, contact Customer Service. svcs. There are so many question which was asked by my visitor on my previous Reliance Jio tariff plans & activation post. I bought a Viettel sim card for my phone the day before yesterday which has 50,000 dong credit.

Shop all prepaid wireless phones, no contract plans and SIM cards. Reactivate your Fizz plan on your new SIM card. The phone worked and text some times. You can pay using a credit card or an Ultra Mobile airtime recharge card.

Last year when I was in Germany, I took my Sprint (CDMA) phone overseas for a 5 month study abroad program. I found out that I can get no incoming calls, so I need to reactivate them to receive voicemails. I have a cheap t-mobile prepaid phone that i use when I go on camping trips or out on the water. Please note that you must be an Owner or Manager on the account, and you’ll need the following: How to Activate a Verizon SIM Card.

Make sure that you have your SIM receipt. May be caused by existing SIM card faulty. After doing a factory reset on my Micromax Ninja A89(dual sim), I am unable to register on my service provider. Get a local SIM card or Broadband without contracts and enjoy a hassle-free mobile experience.

Do this soon though, I had a similar The SIM card is inactive. Ask Your Question Fast! CMHK Prepaid SIM Cards provides a wide range of SIM Cards for catering different needs of customers. You can either roam on your UK SIM card or you can buy a US SIM card upon your arrival in the States. My mom has an old LG flip phone that just stopped recognizing a SIM card.

BYOP/KYOP: Requires a compatible or unlocked smartphone. Replace your device by purchasing one at a retail store. com buying orange sim card in paris The arriving city was Paris for my travel to Paris & London (7. will be suspended.

Coverage Celcom is the oldest mobile telecommunications provider in Malaysia. It usually takes three to five wrong entries for your SIM to lock itself. com. SIM card - Make sure there’s a SIM card in your device before you try to activate it.

Excuse me, about 10 minutes, I buy the sim card, I paid and when I decided to put my code reference, the box was desactivated, would you insert this please. Select the option to reconnect service with my current SIM card listed above. I then ordered and received and put in the phone a new SIM card. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

If a SIM card is in a suspended state for less than the whole month, the monthly access fee is pro-rated for just the period in which the SIM card is in an Active-billed state. Thank you in advance for helping. Before requesting for ISU, make sure that your iPhone 5S/6/6 Plus has a compatible SIM slot. Some cell phones require a SIM card to work on the Verizon network.

(Fault may be mine, ) And a few days before received a mail to y ID, I was notified , and asked to re activate my debit card I attempt many time but results the server was not found. Kindly attend to having the sim unblocked in order for me to use the service. You will also have the option of keeping your existing phone number, or getting a new number. On the 09/03/2013 I opened a new contract with Mtn and I took galaxy note, the sim card only worked for 1 week, I went back to the store 16/03 to report, a consultant called their head office he found out that the number was suspended, he took my details, sim details and he said he will give it to the consultant who assisted me with contract (since he was off on that day) and he'll do a follow Using a new SIM.

If not authenticated, the line will be So lets get this straight, you got a MEAN look from the guy at the apple store because you thought your iPhone was bent and making scratches on your SIM card and you also wanted to know if your screen is as sharp as your iPhone 4 screen and you wanted him to tell you how to clean dust off of your screen so you could see to empty your cache but you couldn't do any of this because your moms If your iPhone has a SIM card, the thief can easily disable "Find My iPhone" by removing the card, so it is important to locate the phone as soon as possible. my sim card is suspended

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