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Why do australian shepherds have no tails

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How about, it’s my dog, it’s my property, I don’t care what others think or do. THEY OFTEN HAVE NO TAILS. Breeders should take into consideration the reasons behind tail docking, the benefits of a tail, and the modern dog before deciding whether this trend is indeed the best choice for their puppies. If you have a jumper that exhibits hip problems, get to the vet for some x-rays to determine the real issue. So, do Mini American Shepherds shed? Why aren't they called Miniature Australian So why then don't German Shepherds in police, military, and farm work have their tails docked? Rottweilers, Dobermans, and Pitbulls almost always have their tails docked (and ears cropped) for the sake of preventing work injury! Even Australian Shepherds a lot of the time have their tails cropped for the same reasons of herding! aussies dont look right w/ full tails yes most breed standard purebred Australian Shepherds have Docked (cut short) tails if one doesn't have a docked tail he is still perfectly nice but not as cared for because he probobly was from a backyard breeder or puppymill Australian Shepherds are not suggested for first time dog owners. Australian Shepherds were raised in the rough Western areas of the United States, which, if you have never visited, have tough weeds, tall grasses, and plenty of other hazards. One of the basic prerequisites for your children and your puppy to have a good relationship is to teach the child, as well as the puppy, what is allowed. Both are registered ASDR toy aussies and both have long full glorious tails! Most Aussies of all sizes are born with tails. In a breed like the Australian Shepherd where tails have traditionally been docked and are sometimes has naturally bobbed (NBT) this leaves breeders, clubs, and judges in countries where docking is no longer allowed asking, “What tail is correct?” The answer is: We don’t know. Little can be known for certain about the origin of many breeds. Tail docking is no longer performed in Australia, but some imported dogs may have docked tails. You just have to ask someone that's lived with one. Australian shepherds, or aussies are one of the best breeds of dogs around.

Aussie Puppy to Old Doggo: Australian Shepherd Lifespan! The average lifespan for Australian Shepherds is 11 to 13 years, with 12. I had 2 border collies and they had full tails, beautiful and wonderful dogs. A wagging tail is synonymous with a happy dog, but not all dogs who wag their tails are actually happy. Although it is still standard practice for Australian Shepherds to have their tails docked, you should still consider whether or not looks are worth the considerable amount of pain to your dog. More traits and characteristics of the Australian Shepherd. org and ASCA www. We here @ Lucky Little Aussies (aka L. Barking Dogs. With regard to the Australian Shepherd, various theories have arisen: that it is of Australian origin; that it is really a Basque breed; that it is of old Spanish origin. The burrs were a problem, but the dogs were wonderful. Visit AKC www. Australian Shepherds are medium-sized dogs with a solid build and low center of gravity.

The dogs usually have their tails docked at puppy-hood, though some are born with cropped or half-cropped tails. Anxiety Australian Shepherds are basically very good with children if they have been raised with children, and sometimes even when they have not been around them. We breed and raise Australian Shepherds. Love it or hate it, an identifying characteristic of the Australian Shepherd is its bobtail as set forth in its breed standard. The dogs are born with normal long tails like other dogs. If you’ve ever taken a closer look at your dogs feet, you’ll notice that they have lots of features that make them unique. Exercise and mental stimulation are especially important if you have one of these breeds. Breeders breed dogs with short or no tails until tails are mostly bred out of the population. She has no actuall experience herding (the ducks at the pond don’t count) and doesn’t participate in any job besides being stubborn. I will receive rescue aussie's, so if you have one in need of a good home with lots of love, and lots of friends bring them to me. About one Australian Shepherd in five will have a naturally bobbed tail, according to registration statistics from the time that the trait was still listed on registration certificates. North American breeders developed the Miniature American Shepherd from a group of small Australian Shepherds.

Grooming. You will have no problems with the coloring of the coat, as it may come in several different colors and patterns. Working in this condition will easily lead to torn and bleeding tails, which, of course are very painful and hard to treat. And, in about 10% of the new borns In addition, your Aussie needs you as a strong leader to help him be relaxed and confident. The Australian shepherd’s undercoat consists of hairs denser than the hairs in the outer coat. If I was considering an Australian Shepherd, I would be most concerned Scientists and breeders are now aware of a number of breeds that carry a gene mutation which results in what they call a ‘natural bob tail’. S. Dogs ‘talk’ in different ways than humans, but the goal is the same: Communication. I have 2 Australian Shepherds and they are bred to not have tails but some do. Personally I find Australian Shepherds with tails much prettier! Also, most injury's from live-stock are on the head, for-legs, and area's like that, not their tails. … My lines I don't inbreed, no merle to merle, no NBTs to NBTs, no docking tails, no disguises. Our dogs are great for agility, herding, flyball, show, etc.

DON’T ADOPT AN AUSSIE IF YOU ARE A ‘NEAT FREAK’ Australian Shepherd are robust, athletic dogs. Australian Shepherds herd and protect children and other animals. Carefully lift any hair from between the dog’s toes and from inside the pads on the underside of the foot. Researching them got me thinking, why do they dock Australian shepherd's tails but not Border collie's? Please don't say that it's "breed standard" because, of course it is, I am simply asking WHY is it breed standard? Traditionally, breeders of Australian Shepherds have docked the tails of infant puppies for a variety of reasons established largely by society. , meaning that it is neither banned nor controlled. As Australian shepherds keep to the side or back of the herd while herding, so their tails are almost always out of the live-stocks way. They closely resemble a (usually tail-less) Border Collie in build. To avoid tail damage – This is the most important reason for docking a tail. The Australian Shepherd Club of America ASCA was founded in 1957 to promote the breed. No its strictly for aesthetics. Australian Shepherds have a medium-length, water-resistant coat. And despite popular belief, the Aussies without tails are not always docked – like with the Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

I wouldn't have bought them if they were going to cut off their tails. NO We produce Australian Shepherds that will grow up to be 18-22" tall & 40-70 lbs. Can I ask where you heard of the "Chinese Australian Shepherd" originally? —Preceding unsigned comment added by 63. It’s also extremely smart and even holds a world record. does the owner clip their tails? or are they born liek that? The recommended amount of food an Australian Shepherd should eat is 1-1/2 to 2 cups of dry food a day, But size, exercise level, and age should be considered. Some are born with "bob" tails that can be very short, medium short, 3/4 or nearly full length. But the three main reasons are to avoid damage to their tail, to maintain the breed standard, and for reasons of hygiene. Tails or no tails – both are a wonderful breed Australian Shepherds and Mini Aussies were raised in the rough Western areas of the United States, which, if you have never visited, have tough weeds, tall grasses, and plenty of other hazards. How can I help? Is there something I can do? Raising Standard Australian Shepherds since 1999. Do They Do Well With Cats? As with just about any breed, if you socialize them with the cats when they are younger, you will have no problems between the two of them. Many Australian Shepherds are bobtailed dogs with no tails, while others do have tails. I think this is something unique about the breed and should be mentioned in the article.

by Linda Rorem . Australian Shepherds do not have docked tails for cosmetic reasons. Some Australian Shepherds carry a natural bob tail (NBT) gene, which can mean they have a short tail, almost no tail, or a part tail. But before you choose ANY purebred, crossbreed, or mixed breed, you need to know what a purebred dog really IS – and what crossbred and mixed breed dogs really are. A hallmark of the Australian Shepherd and Mini Aussie breeds is a short bobbed or docked tail in countries where docking is permitted. They are intellegent, persistant, dedicated, active and inherently naughty! There is no such thing as a couch potato Australian Shepherd, Aussies need exercise, both mental and physical, and left to their own devices, dthey can end up owning you, rather than you owning them. They're not good apartment dogs, though. whines, barks, etc). Most Aussies have their tail docked three days after birth in compliance with this standard – for while many are born with a naturally bobbed tail, the length of it is usually longer than desired, or the tail is malformed (with a kink in it, for example). Why do Aussies have docked tails in the first place? 1. A VIEW OF AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD HISTORY. Pooch paws were made for walking, but that’s not all they do.

Pugs, basenjis and a few others, by contrast, have tails that naturally curl over their backs. Most Australian Shepherds and Mini Aussies are born with full long tails while some are born with short bobbed tails (NBT), and others are born with natural partial bobs, where the tail is mid length and appears stubby. Photographs of animals that have been domesticated (tamed to live with humans), as either pets or livestock, and which depend on humans for survival. 5 the most common, assuming that no other health issues (such as hip dysplasia No. Its great to know that the breed standard for Miniature Australian Shepherds now allows for un-docked tails and ASDR will allow you to show your Mini Aussie with its natural tail. A) Genetically Test Each of our dogs, have them thoroughly examined by a veterinarian & closely monitor Temperament, Intellect & Conformation to the Breed Standard BEFORE allowing the dogs to participate in our breeding program. 32 22:29, 14 April 2008 (UTC) No Tail. However, “mini” breeders have bred Australian Shepherds into their bloodlines, so that today the “mini” is related to and resembles, but is not the same as the Australian Shepherd. This means, most US Breeders dock their Aussie pups. But make no mistake about it, they are still Aussie's! Australian Shepherds have become the dog of choice in Search and Rescue because of their deep loyalty and relationship with their Human. They look nothing like the Australian Cattle Dog, a breed developed in Australia to herd cattle. LOL That's BS, No I ain't sorry at all.

The docking of tails began because working dogs (sporting or herding) where found to have an unusually high rate of injuries to this appendage in their daily lives. What happened? Why do you charge an adoption fee? Can I surrender a dog to ASF? I have/found a pet that needs to be re/homed. Normal tail length and number of vertebrae varies considerably in dogs, though the number within a breed will be the same or perhaps vary by one or two. Docking is unregulated in the U. Australian Shepherd Breeder - CedarPaws - FAQs - The goal of CedarPaws Australian Shepherds is to perfectly match puppy and owner and to produce dogs with sound bodies and minds. Why Do They Cut The Tails Off of Australian Shepherd Puppies? - For Aussie photos and videos, visit http://coloradotoyandminiaussies. We have a few litters each year and produced all colors. The minis might be related to the Aussies, but they are in no way the same dog just smaller. Also known as the Australian Collie and the Border-Aussie, the Australian Shepherd-Border Collie mix is a wonderful hybrid that takes many positive personality traits from both its parents, the Border Collie and the Australian Shepherd. Miniature Australian Shepherds since 2004. I recently got a new dog and couldn't decide between a border collie and an australian shepherd. A normal tail will taper as the vertebrae get smaller closer to the end of the tail.

asca. In 1990, the United States Australian Shepherd Association was established as the parent club of the Australian Shepherd representing the breed to the American Kennel Club. Many animal welfare organizations, however, do not condone the practice of docking. A wagging tail is synonymous with a happy dog, but not all dogs who wag their tails are actually Even though these shepherd dogs are still working in farms herding cattle, their big brains and warm hearts have won over regular people across the world, too. They get dirty. Australian Shepherds tend to get long hair on their feet, and keeping this trimmed helps them to be more comfortable and to look neat. Do not take them to any Incorporated rescue out fit. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. The amount of undercoat any given Aussie has will vary based on the environment in which the dog is raised. In ancient times Romans believed that amputation of the tail tip and/or parts of the dog’s tongue could prevent a dog from contracting rabies. With proper diet and exercise, the Australian Shepherd can stay in good shape. Dew Claws Hi, I have acquired a 3 year old female Aussie.

Other Aussies will have short tails without the tapering, which can seem like a stubby tail. If you get a dog from a breeder, make sure that they do not dock tails. Australian Shepherds have been registered by various registries since the early 1950’s. Although Australian Shepherds have the reputation for needing wide-open space, they do just fine in cities if they get enough stimulation and exercise. 147. That is, an Australian shepherd raised in North Dakota will typically have more undercoat than a dog that is raised in North Carolina. I’m only new to the subject, having come across it when I saw a listing for a Rottweiler puppy described a Ear Cropping, Tail Docking And Other Elective Procedures – Do … I think it is necessary to dock their tails. Q: Why did we start docking dogs' tails? A: Tail docking of dogs is believed to have arisen for three reasons at different points in history. Are Australian Shepherds good family dogs? Do Australian Shepherds shed a lot? Are Australian Shepherds aggressive? Are Australian Shepherds affectionate? In this guide, we’ll be talk about the Aussie’s good points and bad. I have walked a few Australian Shepherds and have fallen in love with each and every one of them! They were a bit wary of me at first, but when they saw me grab their leash, they became very excited. Certain breeds are more prone to chasing their tails, and other compulsive behaviours. I have 2 Aussie puppies and their tails were docked when I purchased them from the breeder.

I understand why people dock them but I have a soft spot for long bushy tails as my current dog has one. Moreover, Australian Shepherds are more prone to heterochromia, which means they have different colored eyes or two different colors in one same eye. Pose by ~chipset on deviantART okay, okay, Australian shepherds can look good with tails. But you should never buy a puppy with a docked tail. Miscellaneous. In an ASHGI health survey, data showed that nearly 47% of all bobtailed Australian Shepherds have quarter-length tails (or longer). Among them are French and English bulldogs, French pointers, Australian shepherds and Welsh corgis. When Aussies are born with longer tails, owners often choose to have the tails docked, or surgically shortened. An Australian shepherd named Pockets is credited as being the oldest dog to earn a title in AKC history, having earned the Rally Novice title at the age of 15 years, 5 weeks. They are wary of strangers so are good watch dogs. I have also heard that they tend to be tail chasers, and the tails are cut to avoid the dog hurting itself. Good point.

Why do some dogs still have docked tails? You may still see adult dogs with docked tails, as the docking may have been performed before the ban was introduced. Some countries have even gone so far as to ban docking legally. I have probably had my best walks with this breed. About Those Bobtails: The 'wiggle butt' (stub tail) is an important Aussie characteristic. Bored Panda has compiled a list of examples why Australian Shepherds are the best dog breed to have around. This doesn’t need to be an end of the road issue. I love my puppies regardless, but it seems like an unnecessary cruelty. If you do not keep the Australian Shepherd's mind and body busy, he will devise things to do. This GMO video is still available to watch for free! The short film PROTECT OUR PETS from GMOs And Pesticides was released! ! You won't want to miss the short documentary on the health risks facing our pets and what you can do about Why do Australian shepherds get their tails docked? Well they actually do it for numerous different reason, some of them are tradition, identification, cosmetic, and function. Feet. Blue Merle, Red Merle, Red Tri and Black Tri Puppies. Why do Australian shepherds have no tail? Most Australian shepards had their tails cut off as pups so the horses and other animals would not step on the tail and create an injury for the Tails are docked for looks.

I got her from a lady that had gotten her for her elderly mother (i have no idea why ahe thought that was a good idea) but needless to say she didnt have much training or socialization when we got her. Mott Ranch loccated in Queen Creek, AZ. However, both the American Kennel Club (AKC) and Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA) standard describes the breed as having a tail no longer than 4 inches. You Not all Australian shepherds have blue eyes: they can also be green, amber, hazel or brown, or two different colors. They are easily trained and long to please which drives this awesome breed to excel in Service. We do not believe that these reasons are strong enough to continue docking tails. With everyone of our puppies, my children are always on hand to lend a hand in mauling, playing and cleaning up after the puppies. If you’ve ever seen an Australian Shepherd, you might have noticed that they have short tails. A slightly more tenable speculative theory about why Australian Shepherds are called that is that they have a blue merle color pattern, similar to many dogs brought over from Australia to America; thus, because of the color pattern, they were simply called “Australian” as so many other dogs were that had the blue merle coloring at that time. As a working breed on farms and ranches, their tails were docked to avoid injury or to identify them as working stock. It is basically a working or herding dog like its parents, and it needs a job to do at all times. I have an Aussie and he was born with out a tail.

2 Because the tail was believed to help a dog in the chase, dogs were historically docked if they were The tails of whippets and greyhounds, for example, are long, taper strongly and often curl under the dogs’ bodies when they’re relaxed. In fact you should leave this website now because you should get a bird or give one to me its all good. akc. org websites for breed standards for the Australian Shepherd. NOT for resale. You Although Australian Shepherds have the reputation for needing wide-open space, they do just fine in cities if they get enough stimulation and exercise. CedarPaws is located in Ontario's Northumberland Hills near Grafton. 1. If tails are not of the correct length, they are removed. Some breeds have tails that even have flamboyantly furred tail, while others are largely devoid of hair. … Read Article The most obvious answer to “Why do dogs have tails” is that dogs have tails for communication. Aussies without this gene have full tails, but if bred to a NBT dog, can produce NBT puppies.

If they are working dogs, they can get their tails easily broken. Why dock tails? First and foremost, think about why you want it done. Some of them are actually born like this, whereas others have their tails bobbed. A study published in Current Biology discovered that the direction of your dog’s tail wag has more meaning. Anadee Miniature & Toy Aussies Since 2001. In fact, 1 in 5 Australian Shepherd puppies are born without a tail. Usually, they are docked at a young age as a breed standard. They love to run and do not stop much to sniff around. An active yet easy-going dog, the Australian shepherd loves to romp with children and tends to get along well with other pets. The quality of "eye" is not unique to Border Collies, but it is stronger and more consistent in that breed than in English Shepherds or Australian Shepherds. I think the tail is a very beautiful part of an australian shepherd. Though aggressive when at work with livestock, the Aussie is gentle with human friends.

(Reprint of Article in Animal Research Magazine of Winter 1967-1968, Quinlan, Texas, 75474. Some of them are not docked, because either the owner does not want the tail cut, or they don't get it cut in time. As already mentioned, there are four Australian Shepherd colors and three markings that are allowed by the AKC’s breed standard. This procedure is performed when Aussies are still pups and is sanctioned by such organizations as the AKC and the Australian Shepherd Club of America. Are Miniature Aussies the Same As Aussies? They are not the same kind of dog. Sorry as I can be. Both Australian Shepherds and English Shepherds work in a what is often called a "loose-eyed" fashion, to contrast it to the strong eye of Border Collies. We’ll look at their temperament, and training your dog. Do crossbred or mixed breed Australian Shepherds make good pets? Many do make good pets, yes, in the right homes. To avoid tail damage - This is the most important reason for docking a tail. Dog breeds born with short tails or no tails have been selectively bred to have no tails. I have worked with her a lot and ahe has become a great family sog.

L. Color-wise, Australian Shepherds are very interesting dogs. This can happen with any Why do Australian Shepherds have docked tails? 1) To maintain breed standard – 2) To avoid tail damage –Australian Shepherds were raised in the rough Western areas of the United States, and used as working dogs, traveling through tough weeds, tall grasses, and plenty of other hazards. No. (You won’t believe what it is, but it will make you laugh when you find out!) From how much Australian Shepherds shed to their basic temperament and so much more, these are 25 surprising Australian Shepherd facts you might not know. Australian Shepherd Colors. This is why AKC and ASCA have kept the standard as a docked tail for Aussies. The most obvious answer to “Why do dogs have tails” is that dogs have tails for communication. No, the “mini” started from dogs that were completely unrelated to the dogs that were the foundation of the Australian Shepherd. For example, Australian shepherds oftentimes suffered broken tails because they would be steps on by cows. German Shepherds, Bull Terriers, Australian Cattle Dogs, and Dobermans are all more likely to be tail-chasers, although no one is one hundred percent sure why. Can Australian shepherds have tails? Why do Australian shepherds have lethal white puppies? The "lethal whites" happen when a merle dog is bred with another merle.

73. If your dog is not a working or hunting dog, is it necessary or is it your vanity? Usually, the senseless line of reasoning made is, it’s my dog, my property and I will do what I want with it. This Pin was discovered by Devan Park. In fact, the Australian Shepherd is a very beautiful dog that many people have because of their colorings. Now that we know Aussies both have tails and don’t, let’s dive into The recommended amount of food an Australian Shepherd should eat is 1-1/2 to 2 cups of dry food a day, But size, exercise level, and age should be considered. I mentioned it. Another trait that can tell Border Collies apart from Australian Shepherds is the type of coat, as the Border Collie's is more dense and rougher than that of the Australian Shepherd. They excel in obedience training and agility. “Why do some heelers/ACDs have their tails cropped?” are australian shepherds born with long tails? because when we got our puppy, his tail is really short, and i seen pictures of other dogs (australian shepherds) and they have long tails. No puppy brokers, no Pet stores. Despite beliefs that all Aussies are born without tails or even that natural stub tails do not exist, puppies can be born with long tails, half tails, or no tail. .

Be sure to check out our follow-up post – Update on how to train your dog to stop barking. The Australian Shepherd is a herding breed developed in the Western United States by immigrant Basque to herd sheep. Whether you choose to do a lot or a little depends on the reason behind the trimming. If you are not looking for a specific type of dog, then the Australian Shepherd would be a great choice. Their coats can come in four color combinations, including: black tri or red tri, merle, fully black or fully copper, or solid color trimmed with white . Humans use words and intonation to convey meaning while dogs use different sounds (i. The preferred height for Australian Shepherds per AKC and ASCA is 18-23" to the top of their sholder. Australian Shepherds were raised in the rought Western areas of the United States, which, if you have never visited, have tough weeds, tall grasses, and plenty of other hazards. ) BREEDING AUSTRALIAN Australian Shepherds are highly intelligent and easy to train. Ear Cropping, Tail Docking And Other Elective Procedures – Do … No more cropped ears or docked tails!I was given two Boxers – one with cropped ears and one without. All about your Australian Shepherd puppy. There is the question that other herding type dogs keep their tails and they are fine, so why Aussies? Well, from what I've come to find, different breeds have different herding styles, which puts them in less positions for tail injury.

Pictured above are "Dusty" and "Ace". Natural products can be a great place to start. If you do have an Australian Shepherd with hip dysplasia, be aware of your treatment options. Being a leader of a human household is a difficult job for an animal! Dogs that do not have clear leaders are often stressed and reactive. Australian Shepherd Hyper Hank and his owner The Australian Shepherd is smart and focused, and a good Australian Shepherd can be your best friend ever, but only if you are prepared to keep him busy with dog sports -- agility, flyball, flying disc games, herding trials, obedience, tracking -- or teach him to do chores around your home or yard. But in our Australian Shepherd, Stella's, recent litter we didn't go ahead & dock them THANKS to LIZ HOANG, we answer the question in our video why & why not Australian Shepherds have their tails A number of dog breeds are born with very short or no tails. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi can also be born with a naturally bobbed or short tail with some dog having no tail at all; The Australian Shepherd can be born with or without a tail, but they are more likely to not have tails than they are to have them with the reason being that short-tailed Australian Shepherds have the gene mutation in their DNA Australian Shepherds have won the agility classes at a number of dog shows, including Westminster and the Masters Agility Championship. e. com Call Anne Getz at (8 Finally, you can avoid some negative traits by training your Australian Shepherd to respect you and by following the 11-step care program in my book, 11 Things You Must Do Right To Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy. Do I need to submit an Adoption Application for every dog I am interested in? The dog I was interested in adopting is no longer listed. Why Dock Tails? 1. Australian Shepherds are not the kind of dog to lie around the living room all day or live happily in the backyard with only a 15-minute walk.

Aussies seldom bark except as a warning. Another interesting fact to ponder is why the early settlers of California and Oregon referred to these natural bob blue merle dogs as “Australian” Shepherds if they had no knowledge of that country being their land of origin. Do Australian Shepherds have tails? Most Australian Shepherds are born with long, slightly curved tails. When I got my Aussie, Olive, I kept debating wether or not her tail was docked or not. why do australian shepherds have no tails

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